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The Leadercast Podcast

Dec 23, 2019

You’re stuck in a middle seat on a long flight... with no wifi. So you take your conference notes and literally flip them upside down.


That’s what Sangram Vajre did five years ago, and his idea of flipping the funnel has exploded, to say the least. Terminus has grown from a 3-person company to 200 employees and has reached thousands with the Flip My Funnel conference.


On this episode, I interview Sangram Vajre, Accidental Evangelist and Co-Founder at Terminus, about completely flipping his perspective on what matters in work, relationships, and life.


What we talked about:

  • All leaders are learners — but not pleasers
  • Sangram’s definition of positive disruption (plus a sneak peek of what you’ll hear at Leadercast 2020)
  • Using one-on-ones to create incredible transparency

Check out the full podcast with Sangram Vajre by clicking here.

If you don’t use Apple Podcasts as your audio player, you can also find every episode at this link.