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The Leadercast Podcast

Jul 10, 2018

Kat Cole didn’t have the easiest time growing up.

At a young age, her family had to leave her father, leaving them with little opportunity or resources.

Kat is now the COO and President at FOCUS Brands, North America.  She got to where she is in large part because of the behavior her mother modeled as they were growing up.  As a single mother she showed her family how to be resilient. On a meager income, they were able to survive on a food budget of $10 per week.

This upbringing taught Kat how to figure things out.  She never knew all of the answers, but she knew that if she kept searching, she could make the best out of any situation.  This led to Kat’s journey of continual self-improvement and modeling personal change in both her professional and private life.

In this episode of The Leadercast Podcast, we speak with Kat about her story and the importance of acting on personal and professional feedback.