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The Leadercast Podcast

Feb 18, 2020

Right now, a 5-year-old in Ghana is working 16 hours a day fishing on Lake Volta.

When we’re talking about positive disruption, child trafficking should be one of the first things that comes to mind.

In this episode, I interview Chris Field, Founder and Executive Director of Mercy Project and author of Disrupting for...

Feb 10, 2020

Being a firebrand goes beyond being a bit of a rabble rouser and speaks to a commitment to fight for positive change.


On this episode, I interview Mikaela Kiner, Founder and CEO of Reverb and author of Female Firebrands:


What we talked about:

  • What Mikaela learned in interviewing 13 leaders for her book

Feb 3, 2020

The journey to a gold medal starts with the right mindset.


I’m so excited to bring onto the Leadercast podcast a gold medal winner in women's ice hockey at the 2018 Winter Olympics — Meghan Duggan. As captain of the team, Duggan has a valuable perspective on leadership and the joy of being a team member.


What we...